Working Papers (Comments welcome)

“Higher Order Stochastic Dominance and Moral Hazard” (with M. Vergara and H. Roche)

“Entrepreneurship and Prudence: The Transition Effect and the Size Effect” (with M. Vergara)

Revisiting the Competitive Firm under Price Uncertainty (with M. Vergara)

Recent Publications

“Social Choice and Time Consistency with Low-Probability Events”. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2017, Vol 21 (7), 1706 – 1711

The Complementarity Effect: Effort and Sharing in the Entrepreneur and Venture Capital Contracts” (with M. Vergara and J. Sepulveda). European Journal of Operational Research, 2016, Vol 254(3), 1017 – 1025

“Nonlinearities and Financial Contagion in Latin American Stock Markets” (with R. Romero, H. Benedetti and A. Serletis). Economic Modelling, 2015, Vol 51, 653 – 656